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Omeleto is the home of the next generation of great filmmakers. Showcase with us and join spectacular company: Sundance winners, Oscar noms and critically-acclaimed filmmakers from every genre.

With over 5 million subscribers across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and tens of millions of viewers each month, we reach the most film enthusiasts around the world. Our viewers are broad and diverse -- and so are their tastes -- but they've come to rely on us for the best, emotionally-engaging storytelling, no matter what the genre.

Have you made a compelling story and want to share with one of the world's biggest audiences, as part of a catalog of acclaimed short films? Consider submitting it to us!

YOU MUST OWN THE COPYRIGHT TO THE FILM. To be considered, your film MUST have played at an Oscar-qualifying, BAFTA-qualifying or similar top-tier festival. We limit releases to ONE film per day. Scheduling is based on availability.

What We Look For

What to Expect

A True Meritocracy -- The Audience Decides What Stays

Omeleto Elite / Revenue Sharing

All films are launched without advertising. But for certain films that start to gain a lot of views, we invite them to join Omeleto Elite -- our invite-only program to help filmmakers earn advertising revenue. With your approval, we'll turn on ads on the film on YouTube, then pay you 50 percent of what YouTube pays us -- a straightforward 50/50 split.

Ad revenue is a volume game, so we want to make sure we can pay something meaningful before inviting filmmakers to join. But the revenue could be worthwhile once a film gets recommended. Of course, if you have any doubts or concerns -- we DO NOT have to turn on ads. We are perfectly happy to showcase your film without any advertising. This is only an option for your consideration.


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Moneyball for Movies -- What We Do for You

We don't just take your film and upload it. If accepted, our engineers and data scientists will spend time in A/B testing your film through countless iterations to optimize its online success. Major studios spend hundreds of millions in advertising and marketing to attract viewers. We use data and analytics to gain a competitive advantage. Think of us as Moneyball for short films in the era of social media.

We analyze viewer metrics at real-time speeds and compare the engagement signals -- such as total watch time, audience retention, like-to-dislike ratio, click-through rate, social media shares, etc. -- against a proprietary dataset of successful films we've pushed in the past. We then segment by genre, viewer demographics, geographic location, etc. to glean insights into its commonalities and differences to understand what tweaks to make to its packaging to maximize watch time and engagement levels and get recommended.

Think of it like A.I. machine-learning -- we take successful films of the past to reverse engineer the algorithms, then apply what we learn to optimize future films for success. Then repeat that a couple of thousand times.

YouTube and social media success largely depend on being "recommended," which their algorithms determine by sampling total watch time and engagement. So while quality storytelling is a large part of the equation, how that film is presented plays an equally important role.

A simple way to think about it is:

So for example:

The storytelling of Film A is "better" -- as measured by how long viewers watch -- but Film B actually has the higher total watch time due to better packaging. That means Film B may be recommended more often, leading to more views. Of course, it's not so simple. But on the whole, YouTube promotes videos that maximize total watch time because, from their perspective, the longer a viewer watches a video, the more satisfied they'll be with the platform. And that'll keep them coming back for more.

We treat filmmakers as part of a team. We depend on them for great content with high audience retention. And we provide them with our expertise in algorithms and analytics to get it recommended. After all, a great film that nobody clicks on doesn't get seen. But a great film with great packaging -- that's a recipe for millions and millions of viewers who share the film far and wide.

Of course, we can't guarantee online success, but our track record speaks for itself.


No Film School: Have a Short that Needs Eyeballs? Let Omeleto Play Moneyball with Your Film

"The company is one part-programming, one part data analytics comprised of teammates spread across the world. What started as an experiment during the early Wild West days of YouTube turned into a successful launching point for short films, some landing anywhere from 20,000 to 20 million views..."

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