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Omeleto is the home of award-winning short films. We showcase Sundance winners, Oscar noms and critically-acclaimed filmmakers from every genre. Subscribe for more on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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Our Story

We started Omeleto to solve a problem.

Filmmakers spend a lot of time and money making a film, then spend just as much trying to get it seen. Festival are costly -- registration fees and travel expenses can add up. And that's if you get in. Who does your agent know on the selection committee? It's often political.

Then, after the run is done, you throw your film online. But as Sundance Programmer Mike Plante explains, "If you put your short online the good news is many people can watch it. But the real news is that 10 people will watch it -- even if you are the hottest thing. There is just so much stuff online. Putting something online just isn't enough."

So we had this idea: what if we created a home for award-winning short films -- a destination for one great short film a day? What if we pulled together talented filmmakers to attract and share a huge audience? So that's what we did.

For viewers, we offer the best in short-form narrative storytelling -- ideal in today's mobile-first era and perfect for a lunch break or train ride -- those bite-sized gaps throughout our day.

Our goal is to give filmmakers the reach that no festival or theater can offer, on a world stage, for free. And to provide viewers with a premium, mobile-first experience that no one is offering.

We're not an agent or a distributor or a middle man. We're a scrappy team with a deep understanding of algorithms and analytics. We parse through tons of user data -- engagement rates, audience retention stats, watch time metrics, among others -- to gleam insights into audience behavior. We learn what they click on, what they watch, when they stop watching, what specific scenes they like or dislike, how emotionally engaged they are and how likely they'll comment or share.

We marry science and art to choose what viewers love and how to optimize and help filmmakers reach millions.

If you have a great film and would like to join a talented group of filmmakers, submit it to us for consideration. If you know of a talented filmmaker, please tell them to check us out. Thank you!

Omeleto respects copyrights and has obtained permission to publish all films on our channels. However, if you believe a film should not be broadcasted on our channel, please contact legal [at] omeleto [dot] com to remedy the situation.

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