Our Story

We started Omeleto because we know the struggles of filmmaking. You spend a lot of time and money making your short. Then you can spend nearly as much on film festivals -- submission fees and travel expenses add up! And there's no guarantee of acceptance, much less getting the attention of the programmers or industry people who attend festivals.

Putting films online isn't a matter of "If you build it, they will come." Your film competes with millions of other videos, tweets, pics, status updates and notifications. Viewers can easily click away. So how do you stand out from the endless stream of content?

A Chance to Think Different

We saw an opportunity.

We saw platforms like YouTube as the future of film/video entertainment, in an industry that's been historically slow to embrace this new frontier. We also saw how audiences craved more substantial, engaging storytelling -- something more than the typical stunt or cute animal video. We also knew filmmakers spent lots of time, money and effort making quality short films as "industry calling cards" to get into festivals -- and often didn't know what to do with them after their festival runs.

We decided to connect these gaps.

Using our knowledge of algorithm-driven content distribution, we started Omeleto as an experiment: could we push a beautifully crafted and emotionally engaging short film as far as the latest baby animal clip?

The answer: yes, we could. And we did, hundreds of times.

And so the widest-reaching premier short film platform was born: a home for the next generation of great filmmakers and a place that showcases one award-winning film each day.

Moneyball for Movies

Platforms like YouTube aren't just repositories for videos anymore. They're not just channels or playlists. Instead, through their robust algorithmic capabilities, they've become powerful content discovery engines. They're designed to capture and keep viewers' attention, mostly by recommending videos to click next on.

Think of how being recommended on Amazon can make or break a book's success: that's how powerful becoming "Recommended Viewing" is for a video.

At Omeleto, we don't just take your film, upload it and cross our fingers that it gets noticed. Instead, we position it in a way that will optimize its online success. Think of us as Moneyball for short films in the era of social media.

If accepted, our engineers and data scientists will spend time in A/B testing your film through countless iterations to get it to stand out amid an almost endless ocean of competing videos. We analyze viewer metrics, such as total watch time, audience retention, like-to-dislike ratio, click-through rate, social media shares, etc. We then compare these against a proprietary dataset of successful films we've pushed in the past, then craft a compelling package to get films to capture attention on a highly-competitive platform.

We continue to monitor data metrics after launch and make small but crucial tweaks to its packaging to maximize watch time and engagement levels -- all with the goal of getting a film seen as widely as possible.

The Result

On Omeleto, we can achieve a reach that no festival or distributor can offer, on a world stage, in a fair and transparent manner. We regularly reach tens of thousands of viewers (that's the size of a concert venue, a football stadium) and in several cases reach millions (the size of a major city). We can't guarantee every film will reach millions, of course. But we have an outstanding track record that speaks for itself.

We have a reputation among viewers for delivering the best storytelling experience and give the audience the final say in what films stay on our channel -- by voting via likes and dislikes, and average view duration and total watch time habits.

Their taste is surprisingly broad and often immune to the trends of the festival circuit. As a result, we have one of the most diverse libraries of films, all with stories that genuinely resonate with viewers.

So if you've made a great film and would like to join a critically-acclaimed community of filmmakers, submit it to us for consideration. If you know of a great filmmaker, please tell them to check us out. Thank you!


No Film School: Have a Short that Needs Eyeballs? Let Omeleto Play Moneyball with Your Film

"The company is one part-programming, one part data analytics comprised of teammates spread across the world. What started as an experiment during the early Wild West days of YouTube turned into a successful launching point for short films, some landing anywhere from 20,000 to 20 million views..."

Omeleto respects copyrights and has obtained permission to publish all films on our channels. However, if you believe a film should not be broadcasted on our channel, please contact legal ( at ) omeleto dot com to remedy the situation.

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