Soul Office

By Ryan Loughran | Animation
2 criminals die trying to steal an ATM, then return as ghosts to finish the job.

Goldy and Decky are a criminal couple that bite the dust during a scheme to steal an ATM machine. Their spirits travel to the "soul office," where souls address their unfinished business before moving on to either heaven or hell.

For Goldy and Decky, their souls' deepest longing is to complete their ingeniously plotted ATM-stealing heist. Their ghosts return to the scene of the almost-crime, where they try again and again to fulfill their dream of stealing the ATM -- or else be stuck in soul limbo forever.

Written and directed by Ryan Loughran, and produced by Taunt Studios, this Oscar-qualified short animation takes its lofty spiritual premise and transforms it into an action-comedy adventure, complete with rollicking writing, a terrific ear for cheeky dialogue and dynamic action sequences. It finds fun with the specificity of its characters, from the cheerful bureaucrat running the soul office to the criminal couple's ignoring of any higher spiritual aspiration in favor of an unapologetic fixation on getting their ATM.

This obsession gives the storytelling a propulsive momentum, fueling the couple's successive attempts to finally steal the ATM. Each pass gets more and more outlandish with gleeful mayhem, and the film reveals a keen eye for the well-designed action scene with each turn, taking advantage of its 3-D look to defy the laws of physics and biology. But it's always anchored in Goldy and Decky's affection for one another. United in their deepest spiritual longing for the perfect heist, they also are excited to spend their afterlife together -- no matter where that is, as revealed in a final cheeky twist in a story full of many fun, compelling swerves and turns already.

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