Ride or Die

By Zeke Farrow | Comedy
2 friends make a doomsday escape plan... and it's not a good one.

The apocalypse has hit L.A., and Zeke and Christine have a perfect plan, complete with car loaded with provisions.

But then their friend Kristin shows up before they can escape the hills, upending the execution of what turns out to be a pretty lousy plan.

Writer-director Zeke Farrow’s small gem of a comedy possesses a unique sensibility, juxtaposing the humor of social awkwardness against the urgency of doomsday.

He creates a compact microcosm of two friends parsing through the small details of escape, working through unspoken expectations and just dragging their feet.

But their little bubble is punctured as other characters drift through the film, almost as if they’re living in different movies, and much of the comedy comes from the contrast between the clash between a pair who seem to be living at their own tempo and those that are living in the reality of imminent doom.

The terrific dialogue is often dry, understated and full of wit, and the pacing is both idiosyncratic and almost stoner-like, making for a wryly funny film. Combined with equally wry, understated performances, the result is a portrait of what happens when social urgency meets Californian laidback chill.

“Ride or Die” is a singular take on a situational comedy, taking an outlandish circumstance and putting characters within it that can’t quite see outside their bubbles. It’s a funny L.A. take on the saying, “Wherever you go, there you are.” No matter what’s going on in the world, people usually can’t quite leave their social and emotional baggage behind.

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